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Way of the Cross Church has many in house Ministries and supports a variety of external Ministries, they cover every age group and many local community needs. If you would like to get involved below are the contacts for each ministry. You can also check in to see what our Ministries are up too.

Remember the James B. Hoskins Benevolence Fund

Becki Loudermilk ~ Church Ministries
Music Ministries ~ William Loudermilk
Fayrene Tucker ~ Childrens Ministries
Nursery Ministries ~ Vivian Slovinski
Racheal Browm ~ Womens Ministries
Senior Ministries ~ Judy Hoskins
Jack & Pam Duty ~ Breakfast Ministries
Christian Education- INSTE ~ Carol McKinniss
Rose Knotts ~ Funeral Ministries
Food Ministries ~ Doris Todd
Joe Loy ~ Radio & Television Ministries
Wedding Ministries ~ Lori Waite
Gary Quarles ~ Prayer Ministries
Benevolence Ministries ~ Winnie Estep
Jean Long ~ Music Ministries
Youth Ministries ~ Peter & Mackenzie Presson
April 25, 2015
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